I recently had the distinct pleasure of traveling to Omaha, Nebraska to perform at the Crom Comedy Festival, an inaugural fest held at The Waiting Room and put on by the OK Party Comedy gang. When I told people I was going to do this they all looked at me head-cocked to the side like a dog. Omaha? Really?

Yes, really. I’ve been doing shows with these guys for a few years now and Ian Douglas Terry and company have put together a thriving little alt comedy scene. And Omaha itself? A fucking gem. Way cooler than you would ever think. Old red brick houses and factories on a hill by a river with delicious food and my favorite bird of all time, the rare, North American 19-year-old MILF Bird. I love Omaha. I love OK Party. And I loved Crom Fest. As I hope you will too. I tried to bring the festival experience to life by interviewing anybody and everybody I could grab. Landed sweet chats with Ron Funches, Howard Kremer, Sean Patton, Ben Roy, Sam Talent, Bobby Crane, Chris Charpentier, David Gborie and on and on and on. And here are those interviews patched together into a podcast. Enjoy.

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  1. staleface

    You brought your dining room table all the way out to Nebraska? That’s dedication.

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