Stand-Up Clip Wherein I Try Not to Say, “Fuck”

I was recently asked to record a set of myself that was PG-13. I asked, “Does that mean no actual nipple but a lot of insinuatingly busty close-ups?” They responded, “No, just don’t say the word ‘Fuck.'” I was like, “Fucking easy enough.” And I totally never fucking said it! What was the clip for? None of your fucking business. Just kidding – it was for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! Just kidding again. It was actually for the Telemundo Kids’ Choice Awards – Los Ninos Reciben Lo Que Damos. Fucking enjoy!

And that fucking clip has also been added to the video gallery.

Flickr Outage

Hi all – If you’ve noticed that the photo gallery isn’t working right now, please blame Flickr. Apparently they had an outage this morning and are working on fixing it, which is annoying because the gallery rocks. Please check back soon to view the photos, and read more about the outage here. Thanks y’all.

UPDATE: Totally works now. Thanks Flickr.

A Note for You

Welcome to Adam Is Freaking Out Right Now. As you can see, we are in the very beginning of building this website and clearly know nothing about web design or coding. But please don’t worry! We are learning. Soon there will be a pretty video gallery, a reasonable number of photos to fill the photo gallery, and an active, frequently updated blog. If all goes our way, we will also have a fancy pants design to show the world and we will be proud. Here’s a picture that we feel embodies our hesitant but optimistic attitude about this website:

Thanks for reading, please keep checking for updates. We love you.