Well would you get a look at this dreamboat?! It’s Brooks Wheelan! Brooks Wheelan of former-SNL fame! Brooks Wheelan who is probably the only comic out there better on Instagram than me. YEAH I SAID IT, HOMEBOY PROBABLY HAS MORE GAME THAN, ME BUT AFTER HIM IT’S ME AND AFTER ME IT’S A DISTANT, DISTANT FUCKING THIRD. Brooks Wheelan the guy who is fast becoming one of my favorite comics to watch because he’s just so damn effortlessly funny.

Brooks stopped through Denver to play Comedy Works and I managed to snag him for a bit of one-on-one time in his hotel room before he ran down the street and hopped on stage. And I’m glad I did. Because I didn’t really know Brooks all that well before. Indeed, this is the longest the two of us have ever sat down and chatted but, man, I feel like this conversation could have gone on for hours. Brooks is the type of guy who seems genuinely excited by life and that’s such a rare treat in the cynical world of comics where everything sucks and everything is bitched about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always down to have those types of conversations –  am probably guilty of turning the conversation that way more often than not – so it’s such a joy to chat with someone like Brooks who is just bursting to tell you about all the many things they’re excited about: comedy, traveling, books about old explorers, why you should always rent a car on the road. I couldn’t have enjoyed this conversation with Brooks more and I sure hope you enjoy listening to it. And if you haven’t seen Brooks in person, go out and do it. You’ll thank me. And him.

And Jesus. And then me again.

Brooks wanted you to watch this video. Rod Stewart getting REAL sexy.

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