Well, Los Angeles, get ready. Here comes Kristin Rand. A stalwart of the Denver comedy scene – from stand-up to sketch and back again – Kristin got to town and immediately started tearing it up. And while she may have fallen into some of the trappings of the young, open-micer, it strikes me that she left those behind more quickly than usual. It seemed like I would see Kristin Rand doing stand-up and I’d be like, “Yup, funny stuff, there’s Kristin Rand being a good comic.” Then suddenly I saw Kristin Rand and it was like, “Oh wow. When did Kristin figure out her voice?”

She’d be the first to tell you she’s still figuring it out but Kristin is simply a natural. And she deserves all the things she has coming her way.

I’m glad I got her to sit down for the official MDRT Exit Interview before she packs up her belongings and heads west, young man, to make her name and fortune.

A brief anecdote: the day after we recorded this episode we filmed a sketch video, myself, the Grawlix and the Nix Brothers. It’s a sketch about horrible dentists called, “Pulling Teeth.” Kristin played the secretary at the office and there was a scene that she improvised where she’s singing the hold music for the office. Like customers on the phone think that they’re on hold but really it’s just Kristin singing the music. It was her idea. Then she’d abruptly stop singing and say,

“Thank you for holding. How may I direct your call? Actually, what did you think of the hold music? How would you rate it on a scale from one of ten? You know what, I’m going to have to put you on hold again.”

Then she’d just start singing again. She sang cheesy 90’s R&B shit, she broke out Four Non Blondes, she just kept nailing take after take after take. The whole set was crying laughing. It was one of those moments where you have to hold your breath so you don’t fuck up the take. All of us were literally grabbing our sides, trying not to fuck up her hilarious improv. Fortunately we didn’t. And I remember thinking as I watched Kristin do that, “Yeah. This one is ready.” Like some sort of weird, proud parent who had absolutely nothing to do with it. But it made me happy regardless.

So happy trails, Kristin Rand! Don’t be a stranger now, y’hear?

Kristin wanted you to watch this music video by Beyonce. Because of course she did.

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