It is with great excitement and very little fanfare that I present to you my podcast, “My Dining Room Table, with Adam Cayton-Holland.” As the title suggests, it is a podcast dedicated exclusively to dining room tables – styles, shapes, sizes, crumb-content – although truth be told, there may be a show or two about kitchen tables. You never know what direction a podcast is going to take and we would like to leave ourselves the ability to zig, zag, and then zig again. All towards kitchen tables.

Ok sometimes end tables.

And while I’m sure that a podcast dedicated exclusively to dining room tables and the like would probably dominate iTunes, ’cause bitches be crazy, truth be told, that is not what my podcast is about. You see I’ve already started out with a lie. But like Forest’s Gump’s mother  said, “It was just a lil’ white lie, wouldn’t hurt nobody.” Of course Sally Fields has always been racist so who knows what any of that means. Nay, instead the title “My Dining Room Table,” refers to my actual dining room table, where I will sit and interview the various interesting people that cross my path. Most of them comics, sure, but musicians too, filmmakers, chefs, whoever is pursuing their creative life with passion. And happens to find themselves at my table.

But it is also a metaphor. Or an analogy. Do I really have to know what the difference is? Relax. No one is studying for AP tests anymore. For you see my dining room table exists in Denver, Colorado, a humble yet ferocious little city that I love and wear on my sleeve. A city not known for its ability to catapult dick-joke slingers such as myself to the highest heights of superstardom – like a New York or Los Angeles, per se – and yet a city from which I am attempting to do just that. Or at least to get recognized at various hip coffee shops littered across the nation.

And so on My Dining Room Table we will talk to creative folk about their decision to live where they live, to pursue their chosen field from the angle that they do, the sacrifices they make in order to achieve their dreams, their happiness vs. their career, whether the two are mutually exclusive, but mostly, we’ll talk about my dog Annabel.


Purebred, AKC Champion

This podcast is about my choice to pursue my career and aspirations from a bit more of an outsider perspective, a non-traditional route if you will. Things in my life have led me to find quite a bit of contentment seated behind My Dining Room Table and I hope to share with you my perspective, as well as the perspective of a litany of fascinating people, for many episodes to come. And I hope you enjoy them.

For my first episode I interviewed my dear friend Ben Roy, who like Denver, is both humble and ferocious. If you don’t know about Ben, you should. Go read about him at his website here. But then come right back and listen to the podcast. And then come back in two weeks and listen to another. Or subscribe. Or check it out on iTunes. We’re going to release two a month to start. Starting with human, boy-toy heartthrob Ben Roy. Give her a listen.

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  1. James Mejia

    The Denver comedian scene is blowing up with Adam Cayton Holland and Ben Roy leading the way. If you haven’t witnessed a scene grow organically, just wait. These guys will take the country by storm but will do it from a base in Dtown. Well done, boys.

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