If you had told me two years ago, when we started the Grawlix, that the show would last two years I would have said, “Fucking duh.” For you see two years really isn’t all that long and really, if we can’t keep a show going for two years, well then what the fuck exactly are we doing? I mean for reals. But if you had told me the quality of the shows that we would consistently put on for ┬áthose two years, if you had told me the caliber of guests that we would have come by our humble little monthly comedy-show-that-could, well I would have slapped you right across the face. And then I would have open-mouth, tongue-kissed you right there in the street. Because I’m in love with you, Susan. Okay? And it’s killing me that I can’t have you! Are you fucking happy, now?! I’m fucking in love with you! And it’s tearing me up your parents won’t let you be with a half-Jew! Maybe grow a backbone and tell them to get fucked, Susan!

In honor of our two year anniversary, we released a free digital download with some of our favorite comics from 2012. Unfortunately, we do not have any audio recordings from 2011, the first year of the Grawlix, when we recorded at the piece of shit Avenue Theater another venue, so we only have audio from when we moved the show to the amazing Bug Theater back in February of 2012. Sorry to those who came by that first year of the Grawlix and who wonder why they are not on this download. WE WISH YOU WERE BUT ALAS NO AUDIO.

So enjoy the download, everyone. And many, many thanks to Alex Weimer over at the Bug for recording all these shows and being such an amazing and gracious host. And thanks to Virgil Dickerson and Pete Turner at Illegal Pete’s and The Greater Than Collective, for hosting this file for us and helping us spread it all over the inter-webs. And also for sponsoring our lovely show and providing Colorado with delicious burritos. But most of all, thank you, for coming to the Grawlix and for listening to this download. Oh and no thanks whatsoever to Ben Roy or to Andrew Orvedahl. Or Susan’s fucking parents.