I just got back from the fine city of Montreal. It’s in Canada, in a mystical place called Quebec, and it might be my favorite city in the world. The food is incredible, the people are all beautiful and stylish in that petulant, effortless way that only the descendants of the French could pull off, and the architecture is stunning: a hodgepodge of old North American styles that seem a scatter-shot of various cities all over the world. At times you feel as if you’re in Paris, other times Berlin, other times Brooklyn, other times Richmond, Virginia! Plus one time I felt like I was in Des Moines but I really think that was just some shit I had going on in my own head. So I just kind of rocked myself back and forth for a few minutes, breathed deeply, and let that feeling pass like a monk recognizing something fleeting and ethereal.

Des Moines? Gurl, you crazy!

And why was I in Montreal? Because the good people at the Just For Laughs Festival felt compelled to include me in their New Faces this year, a prestigious honor that in the world of stand-up comedy might be considered akin to getting drafted, except there’s no money involved really and everyone found my pin-stripe suit gaudy as opposed to appropriate. I was scheduled to do three shows but I managed to snag three additional shows while I was there and by all accounts things went smashingly. Smashingly! Don’t believe me? Well here’s a smattering of press that came out this past week to back my case up. Because I am a lawyer’s son, after all. I PRESENT MY FUCKING EVIDENCE.

Great review from the good folks at Laughspin: Laughspin Review

Then a real nice inclusion amongst Esquire in their 25 Comics to Watch: Esquire Love

And there was this lovely little interview with Wired: Wired Interview

Boom. All said it was a thrilling week. The festival is a comedy nerd’s wet dream. One night after my shows I was able to pop into Patton Oswalt’s show, then I stopped in and watched Aziz Ansari, then I capped it off with a live taping of Marc Maron’s WTF. Then I partied with all those people, and about 100 other fantastic comedians from all over the world, deep into the Canadian night, which isn’t as long as an American night on account of the metric system. The experience was exhilarating and exhausting and it left me completely inspired and ready to go back and get to work. For while appearing in Montreal was indeed an honor – while getting drafted is a huge deal in a career – it is just the beginning. The real work starts today. Now who has a discreet hook-up on some performance-enhancing drugs?

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