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Three years ago at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival I appeared on my first podcast. A last-minute addition to a live show, I boldly sat behind a microphone in front of a room full of strangers and explained to them that not only was this my first time appearing on a podcast, but that I had never actually even listened to one. Silence. The room sat stunned at the confession and their disbelief turned to pity, their faces eventually donning that sort of aaaw you’re sweet look normally reserved for foreigners seeking directions or Zooey Deschanel. The other comics on the panel promptly mocked the shit-out of me. And they were right to. Because at that time I knew what podcasts were, but figured they were something not for me, a trend of this cyber-addicted generation that I could ignore, much in the way I still buy CD’s as opposed to downloading music. But that was foolish of me. Because podcasts rule. I’ve become somewhat of an addict. I mostly listen to comedy ones but I’m branching out and when you’re on a long plane-flight or car-ride, I find there’s simply no better way to pass the time. Unless it’s thinking about ways to advance the career and agenda of Adam Cayton-Holland. If that’s what you’re doing on your flights and road-trips, continue doing exactly that and as a reward for doing that, please enjoy this adorable photograph:

Congratulations! You earned it!

But if you’re not doing that and you’re listening to podcasts, might I suggest you check out my friends’ new podcast These Things Matter. The name is taken from a quote in High Fidelity where Cusack talks about how things like books, television, and music really deeply matter as to who you are as a person, and also in what you like and seek out in other people. Not sure if I totally agree with that logic as I’m a very easy-going, tolerant kind of guy who only dates racists who hate my comedy, but regardless, it’s a good podcast. Hosted by stand-up comic Kevin O’Brien (@kevobrien) and rogue theater-director extraordinaire Taylor Gonda (@shmayloresque), the show is pretty new but it’s fast become one of my favorites. Sure Taylor and Kevin are both my friends but they’re the type of friends who I’ve had repeated, drunken, how-the-fuck-is-it-last-call-already conversations with on numerous occasions. Conversationalists is the term I believe. All to rare these days and both Taylor and Kevin are excellent at it on their own, but together they’re even better, like some sort-of nostalgic, maudlin hipster Voltron. They had me on their podcast recently and we talked Weezer. Nothing else. Give it a listen: These Things Matter

Blue Album, Pinkerton, then what the fuck happened little man?

Taylor and I are obsessed – with the first two albums anyway, the rest is shit – and we got deep into it. And ol’ Kev is a pretty big fan as well. It makes for a fun listen, especially if you’re even one iota as in to Weezer as Taylor and I were as impressionable, awkward youths. So give it a listen. And then keep listening to These Things Matter. Because everyone should have friends like Taylor and Kevin. And now with their podcast, in a way, you can! But when they become huge podcast stars don’t get overly familiar like you actually know them or anything. And whatever you do if you see Kevin in public DO NOT TOUCH HIM. Kid spooks pretty easy. We don’t want him darting into traffic.

Click on the logo to be magically transported to their site!


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    The Who’s attraction to blues and soul was undeniably part of what got them into music, and despite Townsend’s frustration with their ability to play it, I think ( see #12 ) they did a pretty good job. But into is the operative word here, for they left R B behind, as a still-appreciated resource that one might draw on, to be sure, but behind nonetheless, for advancement into a music that is truer to who the Who, and we middle-class modern democratic folk everywhere, are.

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